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Ladonna Galloway   Hooks   May 13th, 2019 - 13:16:35

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LIVE BAIT These hooks generally have a shorter shank than other hooks. Whether that is to allow the live bait to swim more freely or to be less apparent to the fish is debatable. My vote is to allow the bait to swim more freely. These hooks come in regular and circle designs. Regular live bait hooks will be swallowed and result in gut hooks most of the time. Circle live bait hooks provide a greater chance for a good release.

If you are a beginner at angling it is often easy to make to the wrong choices when it comes to selecting your fishing hook, this is no surprise as there are literally hundreds of different hooks of all different shapes and sizes available on the market today. The manufacturers have tried to make it easier and on many packets the buyer can clearly see what type of fish and also what type of bait they are designed for.

A common misconception is that small trout hooks (size 8 to 12) aren't large enough to hook and land large trout. This is simply not true. Very large trout can and are hooked and landed using trout fishing hooks that are quite small. If you don't believe me, just ask any seasoned fly fisherman. Flea flickers have to use hooks that are very small to match certain hatches. Just as a reference, I regularly hook and land trout in the 3-5 pound range using size 10 gang hooks. When it comes to trout fishing hooks in most instances smaller is better.

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I also have heard comments in that it depends on what you have learned to crochet with - you tend to stick to the same types of hooks. I don't find this to be true and I have given a great deal of thought to this matter. For example, a plastic or wooden crochet hook is acceptable for an afghan, whereas the same type of hook may not be acceptable for a doily or even a bedspread.

Hooks vary in size, shape and color so go for the hook that is best for the fish you are targeting. If you're not sure, ask the people in your local fishing store. Some fish are supposedly attracted to red hooks (some sand varieties of fish target bloodworms and can be attracted to the red color of the hook) but a plain silver hook will usually do.

This was based on a substantial amount of data that has demonstrated dramatically lower mortality rates when using circle hooks (2%) versus standard J hooks (almost 50%). This data has held true also for Guatemala when studies have been done by the sportfishing fleet using circle hooks. J-hooks in the past have been utilized for conventional fishing - casting plugs, trolling and bait fishing.When fishing with these type of hooks, it is usually necessary to "set" the hook using a strong upward movement of the fishing pole which conducts a strong force down to the hook and so drives the point and the barb in to any available soft tissue.

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